Muñequita has awesome hair!! (Spinoff from Spacegirl thread)

Oh my gosh! I was just looking at an old thread about going product-free, and stumbled across Muñequita, and she has beautiful hair, too!

Muñequita-Sorry if this is embarrassing, but you need to be recongized. Your hair is goregous.
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  • spacegirlspacegirl Posts: 149Registered Users
    She does. She has the hair I want. It's so funny you should mention her, because I was thinking about her hair the other day. I'm going to get a color glaze soon and the stylist always makes it too dark, and that made me think how dark and shiny Muñequita's hair is. Then of course I was fantasizing about having such nice, frizz-free shiny hair like that. Ah, the day dreams of a curl obsessed!!
  • lushaholiclushaholic Posts: 2,180Registered Users
    I haven't seen her on here in ages. She does have a gorgeous, thick mane though.
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