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Well i think that i should start by introducing myself, my name is Philip and only recently started to let my hair grow. I use to have it fairly short but i decided to stop getting it cut :) The only difference i have noticed is that my hair grows like an afro :D unlike the pictures i have seen so far.

The main problem i have is sleeping. After i wash my hair and get it dryed its a perfect ball so to speak but when i go to sleep it just gets crushed. Any ideas?

If this is in the wrong section just give me a slap and point me in the right direction. :wink:


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    Hi Philip! I dont know what exactly the problem is but im sure if you explained it further i could help!
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    Hi Philip, nice to hear from you. I think you are fine posting your question here, lots of wise curlies who can help you. I'm a bit of a newbie myself, so I don't have much advice for you, but stick around, there's loads of knowlege to be had!

    Keep posting!

    Liz x
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    if you condition it a lot more that should clup up your curls and loose the afro effect. try following the cg routine. my hair would normally be an afro but since i use so much conditioner, it never does that at all. when you wake up in the morning, try spritzing it with water and styling your hair with just your fingers.
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    You might want to try sleeping on a satin pillow. Since I started sleeping on a satin pillow my hair has been less frizzy and my curls are not crushed when I wake up. HTH :wink:
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