Another oily skin question: liquid or powder?

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I need to buy some new foundation, and I am looking at two different types.

Type 1: Pressed Powder

Type 2: Liquid

I think the powder would better control my oily problem, but could I wear it alone? Or would I have to buy the liquid too? Or just go with the liquid? Any suggestions? Empress Rou?
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    if you have good skin and don't need the coverage of a foundation, use the powder alone. the one you've linked to isn't a foundation, despite their categorization.

    otherwise, get both and put the foundation only where you need and use the powder during the day for touch-ups.
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    I have oily skin but when I use powder foundation it tends to make my skin even oilier. Then I can't put more powder on top later in the day or it gets gunky. I have always had good (better) luck with oil-free liquid foundation with a dusting of oil-free powder on top. The Clinique clarifying powder is pretty good--it doesn't build up when you reapply.
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