No more straightening!!

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So, yesterday I straightened my hair for the first time in ages; I wanted to see how long my hair has actually gotten. My hair, which has been so soft, strong, and healthy since I found this site, was puffy and straw-like within 30 minutes of straightening it. My mom actually commented that I should use conditioner on my hair, which I found pretty funny--if she knew that I was washing my hair with conditioner, she would be pretty shocked! :lol:

Today I hopped right into the shower, gave my hair lots of conditioner and love, and I was so happy to see my curls again! Embrace the curls, ladies. Since coming to this site, I've come to see my curls as representative of myself. Embracing the waves and curls even when they are being frustrating and difficult seems to represent embracing oneself. I think that's why it's so irritating when people go out of their way to compliment our hair when we straighten it--it's almost like a rejection of our natural selves.

My mom always used to say that she liked my hair better straight, but yesterday she said that she likes it better curly.

Love thy curls, love thyself! :D
This site has released my inner PJ demon... :)

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    Very nice! :D
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    I wish I could embrace my curls. I keep trying but keep going back to the curling iron. I hate that I keep obsessing about my hair.......straight.......curly.....straight.....curly!!!!!!

    I wish I could get to the point where I liked my hair curly, but I can't!
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    Move to where the "done up" and overly groomed look is not in style. I used to be a total blow-dried, red-lipsticked high maintenance type when I lived on the east coast. Now I live where you have to look a bit granola to fit in. When I started consistently wearing my hair curly, I got a great response from people. I hardly look like the way I used to look five years ago, but the way I look now is much better.

    It is also helpful to take your hair vitamins religiously and soon your hair will be as long curly as it was straightened. That helps with the psychological adjustment.....
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    i feel the same.... i have also decided that straightening is now out of my least for a while....each time i try straightening it i get so stressed and frustrated that its poofy and frizzy that it has been almost 2 months now that i havent straightened a strand of hair!!! i know i know...2 months is probably nothing but for me its a so proud of us curlies embracing our natural curls!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've recently started to like my hair better curly.. Whenever I would wear my hair straight I never got any compliments, but when I wear my hair curly I usually get compliments.. :D
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