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So I love the way my hair looks in the back for the most part (needs some frizz help, but product experimenting should do the trick). The front on the other hand...urgh. It just looks flat, shapeless, and generally very boring, for lack of a better description. The best I can do is clip it back so it's half up half down, which I like, but it feels like I always do that or a ponytail, and I still feel it looks goofy in front. I've tried headbands, but I always feel so childish in them.

It would be nice to shake things up a bit, and maybe even be able to wear it completely down sometimes. I'm thinking a cut could help--and I'm totally open and willing, but I have no idea what to look for/ask for.

In short: any styling or cut suggestions?

Pictures in my fotki if it'll help.

Thanks in advance! 8)
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    I have exactly the same problem you have. My back and underneath are curlier than the front/canopy, so the front/canopy looks sort of blah. To combat it some, I use different methods for the different curl types. When applying product, I rake or pull the underneath of my hair, and I scrunch with the front/canopy. That encourages the curl where I need it and pulls down some where I don't.

    Also, for the days when the front/canopy won't curl well, I'll part my hair wherever, then take one side and start twisting back, adding a bit more as I go, then use a mini claw clip or barette to fasten...then do the other side. You can get different looks depending on how tight or loose, short or long, or high or low you twist and fasten.
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