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RonnieLynnRonnieLynn Registered Users Posts: 9
How is this worn? As a sunblock under makeup? Or as makeup with sunblock? I noticed some were tinted so is it like foundation?


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    this product IS a sunblock.

    it only comes in tinted versions to wear instead of foundation.

    it contains a LOT of titanium dioxide and gives your skin that chalky look!

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    I wear the City Block Sheer (it's tinted), and I use it under foundation...but I wear just a few tiny dabs of foundation when I wear this. If you don't care for a lot of foundation, then this would probably do the trick on its own. I really like it b/c it isn't greasy for me. It doesn't look chalky on me at all (but I am quite pale), and it make my skin feel soft.
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    I used it use it and I never wore foundation with it. Just powdered lightly over the top as needed. It does work very well as sunblock and I wasn't as concerned with foundation-type coverage.
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  • fig jamfig jam Registered Users Posts: 2,555
    I've been using a sample I got with my last purchase -- called City Block Sheer Shimmer( it's new, comes in a tube) -- in "golden." Not chalky AT ALL, no real coverage but seems to give me a little glow. Not shimmery or sparkly, as the name implies. I didn't think I would like it, but it was free, so . . . .

    I was very surprised at the effect. A little gel blush, then this stuff, a little sheer powder on the T-zone, topped with a touch of cream blush. (Sounds like a lot of blush but gives a very sheer effect they way I do it. And stays put for hours.) Result: My oily but not that young face looks very fresh and clean, but finished and healthy. If I need coverage anywhere, I dot on some concealer on those areas only.

    ETA: I was just down at the Clinique counter today and noticed three formulations of City Block. One is SPF 25 (called "strong" I think? or
    max, something like that), another is "sheer" (SPF 15) and then the one I mentioned.

    I wonder if it's the SPF 25 that gives the chalky look.
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