Anybody else who does the same?

not applicablenot applicable Registered Users Posts: 6
Everytime I straighten my hair, all my friends are like, "Oh Ally, your hair looks so pretty!"

However, I tell all of them to tell me it's ugly to resist the straightener. I hate my hair straight. But I just can't help it.

Anyone else do the same thing as me and ask their friends to tell them they hate their hair?


  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    no, i dont tell my friends to say they hate my hair but they do tell me how great it looks straight. lucky for me, many of them rather it curly so they can bounce them. its a little hard for me bc all my friends have straight wavy, or very little curly hair. one of them has wavy hair. i did get down in the dumps once bc a few of my friends said my hair was frizzy, they didnt know that was hurtful. my parents brought me up though! im sure ur hair is gorgeous(sp?) curly!
  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    Nope I don't. Most of the time my hair is straight. None of my friend's ever really seen it curly, except for my best friend since 6th grade!
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    Libra wrote:
    Nope I don't. Most of the time my hair is straight. None of my friend's ever really seen it curly, except for my best friend since 6th grade!

    how do u survivive with it straight all the time??????????? what happens in the summer when you want to go swimming? i think you should try to wear it curly, you'll probably get a lot of compliments!
  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    yeah this summer I'm trying not to straighten at all and just love my curls 8)
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    thats really cool, good luck! im sure ur friends will be surprised! 8)
  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    yeah they bf has been dying to see it curly haha. I guess he'll get his chance :P
  • MoopyMoopy Registered Users Posts: 16
    I think my hair looks awful straight, and all of my friends love my hair curly, except for one of them who still doesn't understand I never want to straighten my hair again. I know she doesn't realize how she makes me feel when she tells me to go straight for a day, because she thinks that's what I want to do, even though it couldn't be farther from the truth.

    And good luck with your curls Libra =]
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  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    Thanks Moopy! You guys are a great support system!!! :D
  • curlygurly81091curlygurly81091 Registered Users Posts: 10
    my bf lovesss when i straiten my hair, but it takes like 2 hours to get it perfectly strait, so i straiten it like maybe once a month at the most. In the morning after i take a shower until like lunch my curls look great but then they start to get all poufy. anyone have any recomendations?
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  • waterlily716waterlily716 Registered Users Posts: 781
    :evil: I get the same comments everytime I straighten my hair. "Sarah, you need to straighten your hair!" "Oh, you're hair looks so nice that way." People never realize how hurtful this is; I can tell they don't like my normal, curly hair. I really don't straighten my hair often because: 1) it takes like 2 hours! 2) it damages my hair, which is why I think straightening your hair everyday is kind of silly 3) I'd really rather try to be my curly-haired self than someone I'm not. Straight hair just doesn't fit my personality. I have nice friends that like my hair however I wear it. They allways bounce my curls which is kind of annoying, but I see it as a compliment. Several of my friends have curly hair but two of them BRUSH it out dry EVERY day. They never listen to me. Curlygurly81091, my hair does the same thing. I think I might have some sort of build-up that is making it poofy so this weekend I'll clarify with a lemonaid rinse. It's from Curly Girl:
    'More clarifying and cleansing than any shampoo, this moisturizing and neutralizing tonic adds shine to your hair and removes buildup. It's especially good for very dry or damaged hair.'

    Combine juice of 1 large lemon* with your usual amount of conditioner, then rinse through hair thoroughly.'

    NOTE: A lot of people find 1/2 a lemon is enough as for some this can be drying. Also, for best results it should be thoroughly rinsed out with cool water and followed by regular conditioning.

    *Lime and even grapefruit juice may be used.

    My hair is allways super shiny after I do this. My other suggestion is to get a really strong hold gel, like HE SMU or BRHG, and use alot of it. I always have to scrunch out the crunch, but it makes my hair less poofy! Hope this wasn't too long. :D
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  • fluffywonderdoodlefluffywonderdoodle Registered Users Posts: 316
    I used to straighten my hair all the time, but I hadn't for about 3 months until I got it cut and let her straighten it for a change. Now my mom is telling me she doesn't like my curly hair and prefers it much more when it's straight. :evil: Agh!! I also tend to get many more compliments when my hair is straight, which is really frustrating. But thankfully, most of the people I know say they love my curly hair too so it's not that bad. Haha but I don't have my friends tell me they hate my hair! I'm lucky that my hair looks good both ways, but straightening just doesn't seem worth it to me... takes a looong time, and is super damaging!

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