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Im new here Im an asian girl with rather thick and curly/wavy hair. I live in malaysia so the products here are limited. Can anyone please recommend a CG condtioner and gel? They have Joico and Redken and some others. Are they any good?


Btw is Joico KPak Reconstruct conditioner good for CG? How about body shop's conditioner range?


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    There are a ton CG friendly co's and gels. It will really depend on your preference and what is available. Some good really inexpensive options are the V05 co's-- the Moisture Milk Strawberries and Cream, Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint, Kiwi Lime, and Vita Burst are all good from this line. Suave also has some- a lot curlies here love the Suave Citrus Smoothie and the aloe one.

    As far as gels- LA Looks is good, Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, a mouse a lot like is Joico Joiwhip. You can always post the ingredients from a product you are eyeing- I recommend posting on the general discussion board- and someone will be able to tell you if it is CG friendly. Good luck! This method has worked wonders for my hair so far!
    3a/3b~Currently: V05 Kiwi Lime/Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint for co wash, Suave Aloe or V05 Strawberries and Cream for co and leave-in, Burts Bees Super Shiny poo, EMBS, CK, re:coil, B&A/LA Looks Sport

    PW: curls
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    suave or v05.
    simply cheap.

    A lot of people on here lean more to v05 but either way they are both great!
    strickly CG.
    BCed Jan 27,07
    I think my hair type is :pain10: 3c? 3b? eh 4a? hmm idk
    My hair survives on;
    Suave naturals
    Herbal essences set me up gel
    Amla powder
    Other lovies; :laughing8:
    [Vitamins, olive oil, honey, silk peptide powder,vitamin e oil]

    Taken Feb 21,09
  • vus_cookievus_cookie Registered Users Posts: 12
    hmm dnt know if i can find those here. the place nearby me has joico and i read some good reviews about it from this site. wonder if anyone has tried?


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