Questions about how often I should color

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So, I colored my hair last Tuesday morning. It takes only abot 15 minutes to develop, so I did it that morning before work. Here's the problem: I can see my grays again. The roots are still the color I want them to be, however, the grays are starting to show again. Damn! I am using a Matrix Socolor (dark blonde #7). I like the way it looks on my hair when it's done, both straight and curly.

Here's the issue, though. I have REALLY been enjoying washing my hair with Suave Coconut, about every 2nd or 3rd day because my hair feels so good after I do. I then use Suave coconut condish to start the co-wash routine. I scrub that in pretty good, rinse, then use Sally's Almond & Honey condish, to increase slip, then finish off with Pantene Frizz control condish (cone-laden, I know but my hair likes it). I am wondering if the shampoo is too harsh, the condish is stripping the color, or if the color itself is sub-par and I need to switch to something else. I'm leery of ordering RC online, or any other brand online, since I can't see it for myself. I used to be able to get the matrix from a friend who has access to Armstrong-McCall, but she won't take me there anymore. Annoying, because a tube of that stuff is only lke $5.50. Lasts me thru 3-4 colors. I'm wondering if anybody buys their color from Sally, and what brands do well with gray coverage. The color is about like Jennifer Aniston's, but a single-process. I don't do highlights since it was ruining my hair.

Any suggestions? I really need a simple way to get this done. Don't want anything really drying now that my unhealthy hair has grown out and is finally photo-worthy for this website!
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