new rinsing method

I tried something new this morning and it worked really well. I know a lot of people like to rinse upside down, but I just couldn't make this work comfortably in the shower. So after I put cond in my hair, I put it up in a french twist with a bear claw clip and put a shower cap over my head (this gives a mini treatment), then I dried off, and got dressed. Then when I was ready I rinsed my hair in the kitchen sink (nice deep sink, with hight faucet, and a water filter). This made rinsing upside down very controlled and easy. I was also able to do a cold final rinse without freezing.


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    Thanks for the tips.
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    I do a colder upside rinse in the sink everyday and I think it makes a big difference with sealing the cuticle to make hair smoother and less frizzy. It also seens to get my hair in the right position for product application. I don't flip my hair back over after the rinse and just put product in from there. I find the more I more my hair around after rinsing, the more tangly and separated it gets.
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    I do the same thing, I just put the product in while my head is flipped over, immediately after the rinse, and it does seem to work really well.