I need recs for a leave-in and a daily condish...thanks.

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My hair is thick and fairly coarse...any recs? TIA :)
3A all the way!


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    I like Nature's Gate for co washing and leave in. I also like V05, some Suaves, some White Rains. Of course if money were no object I would use Jessicurl exclusively. But I am not able to do that so I supplement what I have with the less expensive stuff.
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    My hair is fine, but I like Elucence and Jessicurl. Elucence is too heavy for me for daily, but I don't condition daily.
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    My hair shaft is real thick (not sure what the classification of that is) I use Beauty without Cruelty revitalizing leave in.
    I use Paul Mitchell the conditioner in the winter (this has great curl enhancing qualities and is fairly rich)

    Oh and I'm out at the moment but I love the Abba Nourishing conditioner
    Low porosity, medium texture.

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    I use PHYTO conditioner with sesame oil. I got it at the salon where the stylist convinced me to go curly. I really like it - use it every day as shampoo, and I mix it with water as a spritz for touch ups. I think you can only get it at salons (and it's NOT CHEAP!!!) but here's the link anyway.

    Good Luck!
    3A, 3B

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