Newbie to hair coloring- highlight questions

simpleelivinsimpleelivin Registered Users Posts: 10
Okay, so Iv'e been natural for 1 year now and my hair is shoulder length(3c mostly with 3b sections) and i feel that i'm ready for some color! I decided i want to add highlights to my dark brown hair but because i don't know know much about highlights i did some homework online and it seems that people think first timers should go to a professional to get their highlights done ...I heard from someone that when you go to the salon theylle end up putting amonia in your hair and i heard how amonia isnt good for the hair, and the last thing i want to do is damage my hair because i'm finally happy because its healthy! So, my questions are do professionals use amonia regardless or do u have a choice when you go to the salon? Will my hair texture change drastically? What are the cons and pros about highlighting? it would help so much if i could get some advice because i want to know what i'm getting myself into. :) --thanks..

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