I finally uploaded and organized my pictures! :) (*updated*)

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I came across a ton of pictures of my hair from as far back as 1996 so I've everything into Fotki albums now.

The oldest stuff is here:
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This is the stuff from 1996 to 2002 or so... my interesting colored hair period.

The rest are here:
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The wavy/curly transition...
One album for up to '05, one for the next couple years, and one with the most recent stuff from this year.
This is the period :)

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    Wow, you can pull off different styles and colors very well! I love the older platinum blonde pics.

    I really like the after the trim pics. I really like the shape of the waves and how your hair looks thick and lush.
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    Wow, that is some crazy (not in the bad way, of course :D ) hair journey you've had over the years! It's looking really healthy and fabulous these days. I love that "favorite" blue shade. If Manic Panic had been available back in my high school days, I'd probably have picked that very color.
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    Thanks so much! :D
    It feels so healthy and lovely now too. :) I loved the colors. Loved changing them, the wonderful (surprisingly always very positive) comments I'd get, the fun process of selecting a new one and doing it myself, and just the fun of having candy/kool-aid colored hair but I'm so proud of myself for being able to grow it all out and get it healthy. The blonde was awesome but so expensive to maintain and it felt so dry if I didn't DT and silicone the crap out of it. I could make it look great but that didn't change the fact that it was so damaged. That's why I had to keep it short.
    I guess I finally outgrew the crazy hair and piercings and stuff. I did love 'em though.

    I added some more pics from the past few weeks to the '07 album.

    I'm loving my new Jessicurl stuff. After a good clarifying and DT, my hair just feels awesome. I've been getting a little too attatched to my dryer again (been straightening every weekend for about a month or so) so I gave my mom back the serum and have retired the dryer again for a while. I think the [buylink=]Confident Coils[/buylink] stuff should keep me happy enough with my slightly wavy summer look for a while. :)
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    ~a wave in a sea of curls ;)
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    I really like your hair 8) (im a big fan of wavy hair lol), by looking at the new pics it def looks wavier and a tad bit curlier at the ends. It also looks so soft as if you havent used any product at all in those pics.
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    Hi - thanks for sharing those! I LOVE the short crop with that bold red on you! It looks stunning, and that coming from someone who prefers natural colours usually! :D
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