Hair Coloring Decisions

ringletcurlringletcurl Registered Users Posts: 40
My very dark hair was highlighted blonde but over time the highlights have taken over my entire head. Here are the things I would like done:

The color is now golden blonde and I would like it ash blonde. Is this possible?

I would like the regrowth touched up.

I would like lowlights added (but I'm not sure what color)

I know what is involved in touching up regrowth, but is there a way to change the golden blonde to an ash? I think they've tried a toner before but that diddn't seem to work. So then they keep touching up my roots with the same golden blonde color that I don't like--because it matches the rest.

And what would be a good color to get lowlights in? My original color is very dark. Would some really medium to dark brown ones look good?

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