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Does anyone know of a good eyeshadow that has a luminous, not glittery quality to it?? Or a good highlighter that will make skin glow, but not to the point that I look like a pixie fairy...If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!! :D


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    Revlon Skinlights line has a product they call "Instant Skin Brightener" that comes in 6 shades from very pale to medium dark.

    this product can be worn over bare skin or foundation. if i were going to use it, i'd probably mix it with my foundation.

    MAC's "Strobe" cream has irridescent pale pink luminosity to it but costs twice as much as Skinlights and doesn't come in different tones. the Estee Lauder "Spotlight" is yet another product like this, only it's more golden pink.

    as for eyeshadows that aren't glittery - i like MAC velvet shades - Mulch is my favourite. they deliver shimmer without glittering. you might also want to look at their lustre and satin shadows.
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