Help with my really bizarre skintone (please)!!!!!!

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Being multiracial, its always been hard to find a good foundation. But lately, my skin has been acting like a chameleon (sp?). In sunlight, my skin is a very light tan color (sort of like Vanessa Williams). In flourescent light, its yellowish. And under stage lighting, I have the tendency to look gray. Its IMPOSSIBLE for my to find a good foundation when my skin seems to change colors every time I look at it. The only way I can look semi-normal is to use this $25 pressed powder that I can no longer afford.

And to make matters more difficult, I have acne scars. I've used a fade cream, so they are starting to go away. But they still make it hard to find a makeup color that works. Please, can someone reccomend some good (and affordable) products (drugstore if possible)?
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    EVERYONE looks bad under fluorescent lighting!

    you should buy makeup that looks natural in daylight.

    why not try the new Cover Girl that claims to adjust to match your skin tone? it might work for you.

    for stage makeup, i highly recommend Ben Nye. i used them for all my stage work and they have the widest range of colours available.
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