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lilcurlyblondielilcurlyblondie Registered Users Posts: 13
I was wondering what a really good brand of make-up is. Possibally out of Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins, Lancome, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Elizabeth Arden. If you can think of another outstanding brand please tell me, but I want to know which one is the best.
I am looking for two things; a concealer for blemishes and scars. And a light (maybe sheer) foundation.

I dont know if this is to much to ask of one product but I was looking for products that 1) looked natural and light 2)Hypoallergenic 3)is ok for my very sensitive skin 4)long lasting 6)sweat proof.

I dont mind it being a little expensive because I need something that will work very good and is good quality.
Any help will be greatly apreciated! :D
I am 2b/2c. I have very thick and very puffy hair.


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    I got a review from Paula Begoun's Book "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without me". I got Revlon Concealer in light and medium and mix the 2. I know the concealer is in a small little black compact type disc. I cannot recall the exact line--although it is Revlon's. Anyway, that has been my favorite and I got that info from that book. It is a helpful book regarding makeup--you can get it off of probably used and cheap. Get the 6th edition--it is the latest one. But keep in mind the author has her own line of makeup, hair and skin products--I tried a few of them and sent them back. So I don't always agree with her reviews. One cleanser she hates--Glycolic Cleanser from Serious Skin Care--happens to be my fave of all time. But I found her makeup reviews were very helpful....especially for concealers, etc. It is so hard to judge....and the cosmetic depts. in the stores want to sell you anything they can. Anyway--good luck. HTH
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    i was using prescriptives traceless foundation for a while and i recently went out on a hunt for another foundation...sheer, light, and sensitive-skin friendly. i tried samples from lancome, chanel, clinique, elizabeth arden, mac, and now im back to my original. i found nothing that compares. i found out that most foundations have a gel base and that makes them feel heavier. Prescriptive Traceless is not gel-base...hence the really light, sheer coverage that does not make you break out. go get a sample of it...i think you may really like it. the only other think i use in prescriptives is their concealer....its called a magic wand...its a stick so it dries nicely...kinda like the texture of it doesnt cake but it covers flawlessly without looking like you have concealer on. but i also like their traceless concealer line as well (but the traceless concealer may be too sheer to cover scars). except origins, which ive never tried, all the other makeup brands you mentioned are too heavy and scented for my sensitive skin (which i like to look natural, yet glowing). the traceless foundation lasts me all day...without feeling gross and madeup. its about $32...well worth it
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    Thats great, I was most interested in the prescriptives traceless line. It seemed to be the best. When I go there they will probley help me find a good concealor, Right? I just needed to know what brand I should look in. But my mind is still open to other options if anyone has any other suggestions. :D
    I am 2b/2c. I have very thick and very puffy hair.
  • lilcurlyblondielilcurlyblondie Registered Users Posts: 13
    Oh ya and has anyone ever used any products from origins? If you could give me a review that would be great!
    I am 2b/2c. I have very thick and very puffy hair.
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    RE: Origins. I've never tried their make up, but I didn't like their skin care.

    As for good make-up lines: Estee Lauder, MAC, Stila, Prescriptives, NARS
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    hey if you find anything let me know. LOL
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  • lilcurlyblondielilcurlyblondie Registered Users Posts: 13
    Well I got the Prescriptives Skin Tracless tint and it is very good.
    I am 2b/2c. I have very thick and very puffy hair.

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