Drying off after a shower

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I was just wondering what people think is the best way to dry yourself after a shower. Personally I like to just sit in a towel and let myself "air dry", but my "wise" grandma has informed me that you should really rub yourself dry, and "don't forget inbetween your toes or you'll get that foot problem"... so should I be making more of an effort to dry myself? I don't like rubbing my skin with towels though, no matter how soft they are!
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    i only pat myself dry and them apply lotion.
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    Yes, patting dry is better for your skin than rubbing. And it might help you tolerate the towel better.
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    Third patting.
    Rubbing seems a little too harsh. My aunt also pat drys her face, or she air drys it if possible, because she says using a washcloth and rubbing it will help accelerate wrinkling.
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