Disaster! Brown to blonde = orange

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Help! I had my hair colored to a dark brown about 8 months ago. I wanted to go back to blonde (natural color is a dark blonde/light brown). I had done this several years ago with no problem, but this time it looks orange-ish! I went to the same cosmo school I've gone to for years, where normally they do a great job.

How can I fix? I'd prefer not to go back, as the student was rude about having to foil so much hair, and the instructor was not much better.

Is there anything I can do on my own to help de-orange & lighten?



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    Why would they need to foil your hair if you are lightening ALL of it? :? They should just apply the bleach to all of the hair. It sounds like they stopped the process before it was finished, and it stopped at the orange stage. You will need to bleach again to remove the rest of the color. I'm not sure if something like ColorFix would help or not at this point.

    There are some helpful tips on Robert Craig's site:
    (ok, I see why the foils now) http://www.goblonde.net/backtobackfoils.htm
    But they shouldn't have stopped before it was light enough.

    Here's more: http://www.robertcraig.com/php/index.php?location=bleach

    Good luck.
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    Sometimes they can't get it light enough if they didn't use a high lift color or volume--depending on if they used bleach or just color. If they didn't use a high enough lift or volume, then no matter how long they left it on, it wouldn't have gotten lighter.

    I've had this happen before and I wouldn't recommend fixing it on your own. I'd go to a salon and have them fix it. I too usually go to the places like you do, but in cases like this, I pay more to get it corrected by a regular salon---it's worth it. Otherwise you can do a lot of damage.

    The only way to fix it yourself without doing damage is to add color to it---going darker. To go lighter, I'd go to a salon at this point.

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