How do I know when to stop?

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Hi ya'll, I'm new here! Anyway my delimma is (or one of them anyway) that I had my loose, thick curls a little longer than chin length for about 3 years after I realized that I did in fact have curly hair. (I didn't get curls until halfway through puberty.) They were bouncy and ringlety. Then I decided that I wanted to grow my hair out. I love the guy that cuts my hair but the cut that he gave me to work with while growing my hair out was not condusive to my curls - they got all wacky and uneven and just waves. I started flat ironing my hair a lot or wearing it in a ponytail. I kind of associated my hair curly with a bad hair day.

However, I went to a different stylist and got a better cut and I've decided that I want to reclaim my curls! So this is what I want to know - sorry it took this long - do I have to stay shorter to have cute curly hair? My hair is about shoulder length right now and curly/wavy. If it gets any longer will all the curl just be weighed down? How do I know what is a good length?


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    you'll have to grow it and see.
    Mine gets curlier as it gets longer. Some people get some curl pulled out at say bra strap length. You can probably at least get it to a little below the shoulder before you have to start worrying about it though.
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    I agree with madusahair that you will have to grow your hair to see how it reacts. Before I thought my hair would be its curliest shorter, but now that I have found the proper way to care for my hair (and cut) it's just about BSL and it's still as curly as when it's shorter. My goal is to have waist length hair when curly.
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