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I have curly/wavy hair that can't make up its mind and I really need some help finding products that will encourage the curl! I like that my curls are loose but I have been growing my hair out some and the weighing down of the length has made some parts of my hair kinda weird, uneven waves. The underneath of my hair especially is almost straight in some parts! It varies from day to day, too, but what I would really love is to have the loose ringlets that I know are possible!

Right now, I use Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair about every other or every third day but I condition almost every day. I don't feel like my hair is that dry compared to other curlies and sometimes it even feels weighed down - maybe its the silicones? But if I wash every day it gets frizzy. As for products, right now I use Redken Ringlet gel, which is okay but obviously not cutting it since I'm posting this.

So! Any product advice to make my waves be curly again, and to get my hair to more uniform?

Also, I let my hair air dry and I've never diffused it but I was wondering if diffusing would activate the curl a bit more - the Sedusa diffuser looks pretty awesome. Any advice?

Thanks in advance! :)


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