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Pics I took yesterday Saturday, May 12th. My first day with the no-poo routine. Great results, but as the day went on, it got dryer and took on a life of its own. Which is okay I guess, but Im still new to this and not that confident about my curls yet.

Notice the gradual transformation.....

beginning of lunch :)

after meal....


leaving restaurant :?

J&J Baby Shampoo fugged up my hair! :thumbdown:


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    I wish I had your volume, your hair is lovely. The way you are styling as well as the products can affect the outcome. Have you tried styling from wet (don't towel dry, just rake in the product) in sections to evenly distribute -- then blotting or plopping with a t-shirt or microfiber towel? Also, are you using a gel over your leave-in? That works for me. When I rake in gel over a leave-in from wet, the gel tends to force the water to drip from my hair, hence the need to plop or blot. If it's a lighter gel I use more gel then leave-in. If a heavier gel, more leave-in than gel.
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    thank you so much. Especially the part about how much leave-in vs. gel to use, that makes alot of sense. Im going shopping for products today, the leave-in I have now (IC shine cream) has cones, Im gonna throw it out. And styling from wet seems to make all the difference in the world! Because today I wrung my hair out before I added the leave-in, and it frizzed up. So I wont do that anymore.
    J&J Baby Shampoo fugged up my hair! :thumbdown:
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    Today, used Pantene 'Hydrating curls' conditioner, and LA Looks wet look gel. I rinsed the conditioner out, styled my hair while soaking wet. The curls came out REALLY defined. But I didnt put clips on the top, for volume. And I had flat-top. So that wasnt cute, reminded me of whoopi or sideshow bob.
    J&J Baby Shampoo fugged up my hair! :thumbdown:
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    Your hair looks great! Do you have a specific cut?
  • KellKell Posts: 201Registered Users
    thanks :D I dont have a specific cut. It used to be in layers and now its grown out. I want to clip my ends, guess I'll have my mom do it. Im gonna have her read the cg method in the cg book. hehe So she can cut it the curly way.
    J&J Baby Shampoo fugged up my hair! :thumbdown:

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