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Has anyone tried this? If so I would love to hear your experience! Is it too good to be true? I am finding mixed reviews on other boards and the positive ones somehow sound unbelieveable. Or staged by plants from the company... not sure. Any real people tried this?

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    Hi. i've replied to a number of posts on this site regarding this - and am starting to feel like a 'plant' because of that - but i'm not.
    i haven't actually used Easystraight, but i've had my hair straightened by Haime Munoz in NYC, who created Easystraight. I've had it done twice - and loved it - and he says it's the same product.
    Also, i have a friend who went to him twice - and then bought Easystraight and has done that 2 (or 3?) times and she likes it a lot.
    Pros: assuming the product is used according to instructions (ie: not left on longer than it says) the hair is really healthy looking and shiny and stays straight even in humid weather.
    When you don't blow dry your hair it's still curly, but the volume is greatly reduced.
    Cons: you still have to blow dry your hair if you want it straight (but it only takes a fraction of what it usually takes (mine takes 40+ minutes normally, and only about 10 with Easystraight.). Also, after doing this you can't turn around and do the japanese straightening.

    i'm happy to answer any questions - mostly because i was very happy with my hair when i did it and also because i really liked Haime - he was very warm and very kind, so let me know if there's anything specific you want to know.

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