aloe vera gel

taylorscurlstaylorscurls Registered Users Posts: 82
have y'all tried natural aloe vera gel in leiu of store bought gel? if so, how'd it work out? i'm trying to go as natural as possible.
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  • echokittenechokitten Registered Users Posts: 1,751
    It works differently for everyone. Some can use it for light hold gel while others use it as an additive to homemade curl enhance/moisture sprays. I personally can't use it every day for hold in place of hair gel because I have too much and too thick hair. But I do use it after a DT if it on the weekend and I'm not going anywhere just to keep my hair from going everywhere.
    I really like it as a moisturizer in homemade sprays. I use Fruit of the Earth brand but I prefer 100% natural right from the plant when I can get my hands on it.
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  • jujucabanajujucabana Registered Users Posts: 153
    it works great for me. smooths my cuticle, and has a really light hold. i can reapply it during the day, no flaky buildup. my hair has nvr looked better, i'm excited to see what it will look like if i co-wash too.

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