best gel?

taylorscurlstaylorscurls Posts: 82Registered Users
i've done the no 'poo thing before, but am going back to it now. i'm not a mousse person--it doesn't work for my hair. what's the best gel? i also just graduated from college so i'm on a limited budget.
*taylor* 3a fine and thin/medium


  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Posts: 821Registered Users
    I like Suave gels and Herbal Essence gels are good too. I would suggest checking the product review board, for the latest and greatest. Good luck!!
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Many people like the LA Looks gels also.
  • TannTann Posts: 88Registered Users
    I am having great luck with AG Styling it!
    3A all the way!
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Posts: 170Registered Users
    HE gels are good, and they are CG.
  • katethegreatkatethegreat Posts: 801Registered Users
    cheapo option: La Bella Ice Hold Gel. It's about 3 bucks for a big ol' bottle, has good hold but not too much (don't be fooled by the "maximum hold" thing on the front, it doesn't really have a crunchy hold. ) I've been using it and I like it for my thick 3a hair.

    less cheapo option: FX curl booster gel. A little over 5 bucks for a smallish bottle. Good stuff, more hold than the la bella.

    I also like the HE Body Envy gel.

    I'm relatively certain that all of these are CG friendly.
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