Cracking up!

So, a friend of mine is doing a show with a successful actress/sitcom star who has really great curls.

When he left, I went, "Okay, just promise me you'll sneak a look into her dressing room and tell me what hair products she uses!!!!"

And today I get a detailed email talking about her hair and what she uses in it and how she prefers to wear it...

Absolutely cracked me up! I can't believe he actually asked her! :lol:


  • godgivenpermgodgivenperm Posts: 678Registered Users
    So are you going to share?! :lol:

    I wondered what happened to her; I really thought she was awesome in Mr. Holland's Opus.
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  • TasharellaTasharella Posts: 88Registered Users
    OMG what does she use? How does she use it?! Tellllll meeeee :)
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