An "edgy" curly cut? possible? hm..

Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Registered Users Posts: 72
ok so my curls are pretty long, down my back. around 3a and 3b mix. and my whole life they've had sorta a "little kiddish" appeal. lol im gonna be 16 in a few months and i want a new cut. something a little more edgy and wild. any suggestions? any pics would be VERY helpful. does anyone else know what i mean? have a edgy cut? o p.s id like to keep most of the length. :wink:


  • EmBemEmBem Registered Users Posts: 77
    I feel this way alot.
    I am a bit of an indie person, so my short curls totaly rock.
    You said your 3a/3b?
    Me too, so maybe this will help.

    Me now -sorry, my hair is wet in this picture.
  • unique1193unique1193 Registered Users Posts: 328
    I Agree with embem. I have basically the same exact hair but my hair type is 2c/3a and "bigger" than hers. But both of our hair definitley is awesome 8)
    I know you said you want to keep the length, but i cant rlly think of anything else than that unless you want to dye your hair an unatural color like blue or soemthing.

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  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    try getting angles or something fun like that, that way you can keep the length! tell us what u decide to do!!!!!!!
  • i_am_awkwardi_am_awkward Registered Users Posts: 43
    This is hard. Especially for really curly people.
    I've always wanted "emo hair".
    But there's no way in heck I'm straightening it all the time.
    So.. VOLUME!
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  • curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Registered Users Posts: 49
    I need to know what kind of haircut to get also! I have 2c/3a/3b hair and don't want to got too short. I kinda want pretty floaty curls and some, not a lot of volume. (check my sig pic). Thanks!!!!
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    maybe layers? you can do a lot with that. I tried to find some pictures but no real luck :S or check hairstyle magazines and look in the curly secton for medium hair
  • curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Registered Users Posts: 49
    thank you! I'm new to my hair and no one in my family has hair like mine, except my dad, and you know beauty talks with him would go!
    Hair Type: 2c/3a/3b
    Products: Redken ringlet 07, It works perfectly! a match made in heaven

    I LOVE being curly!
  • InAnUpsTruckInAnUpsTruck Registered Users Posts: 22
    Someone with loose curls might try this style:

    I wish I could wear my hair in that style, but it's tightly curled and would also need more length to make that a possibility.

    There was another picture of a similar style with bangs, but I cant find it anymore. :(
  • DominoDomino Registered Users Posts: 287
    How about an inverted bob?

    I sported it straight and around shoulder length, before I went CG(almost a year ago). I loved was quite "edgy" :)

    You could try it with curly hair...micol124 cut her own hair like that :)

    There's the thread:

    You should check her fotki for pictures, they're great!

    Hope that helped ;-)
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