Dryer Question

I have always thought that the higher watts a blow dryer has, the better it will be. For instance, an 1800 watt dryer is a better investment than a 1600 watt one. Is this the same for a hood dryer (the old-fashioned ones circa 1950 salons)? I asked this because today my roommate and I went to Sally's because my roommate is interested in purchasing a hood dryer for doing wet sets (big rollers). The salesperson recommended the 1400 watt dryer versus the 1800 one. Her reason was because she uses the brand and she is under the impression that fine wavy hair (roommate) dries extremely quickly. This is odd because my roommate's hair is midback length and she has a lot of it. But if 1800 watts is the best for a blow dryer, wouldn't it be the same for a hood dryer? Let me know what you think. (BTW, my very first post. :wink: )
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