Another DT question...

I feel like I've seen an answer to these questions, but I just spent an hour trying to re-create the searches I did that lead me to what I thought were the answers...And I can't find 'em.

I was wondering...when you're doing hot oil, or oil-based DTs, do you put it on dry hair or wet?

Also...If you're doing some sort of clarifying, do you do it before or after the DT?

If someone could either give me a quick answer, or show me where the threads with these discussions is, I'd appreciate it. :)


  • missy60missy60 Posts: 351Registered Users
    I think you should always clarify before a deep treatment that way you get any build up off your hair so it benefits from the treatment. As far as the oil treatment this is what I usually do I take a mister with water and conditioner in it and get my hair damp then oil and pineapple over night. I usually CO wash it out the next morning. I know people use oil on damp and dry hair so Im not sure there is a right answer to that one you will just have to find out what your hair likes. I have always heard oil seals moisture in and my hair likes oil better on it wet. When I apply oil to dry hair it gets all crunchy and hard.