Stretch marks

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I'm 6 months pregnant with my second child. I didn't really get any stretch marks during my first pregnancy, but I feel like I am growing faster and bigger this go round. I understand that they aren't 100% preventable, and that some people get them and some don't. I suppose I don't care if I get them, but if it is possible to prevent them that would be nice too.

Question being, what did you use on your expanding bellies to "prevent" them and did it work?


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    They can't be prevented, but some things I have heard, and I don't now what is true and what is old wifey: Drink lots of water, use lotion to help with the itch of the expanding skin and prevent dryness. I always sucked my abs in tight whenever I thought about it. That way, there is less stretching, if that makes sense, and it is good for your abs and back to keep those muscles tight too. So, don't know how useful that is. Good luck with your pregnancy. :D
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    I have just heard using lots and lots of lotion to keep the skin hydrated.
    2/3 mix, just below shoulders, fine
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