A Newbie Needs Sally's Recommendations!

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Hi I'm kinda like a newbie to this site, but I've been lurking around for a while and finally decided to join. And I am sooo happy that I did! I've picked up on some wonderful advice! I'm going to Sally's in a about a week to pick up some things for my heat damaged hair, and I am really confused on what to buy. Maybe you guys could recommend a few CG friendly things for me... I need a moisturizing conditioner that's good for clumps and well defined curls and has lots of slip. I need a leave in conditioner, a good Deep Treatment, a moisturizer, and maybe some brush recommendations that are good for clumping. ANY advice and recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks curlies Very Happy Oh and if you have any recommendations that would help repair heat damaged hair that would be appreciated also. Thanks again!

Oh and I'm 3b/3c


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    This list should help you
    Thanks to the curlie that complied it!!

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