Help- Frizz!!

I was out and about today in the humidity and rain and my hair turned into a ball of frizz. I usually NEVER have a problem with frizz. Did my normal routine this morning. This is the first day of humidity and rain that I've used the B&A gel, so I really hope that's not the culprit. I was in an Ulta and picked up Set if Free, which made my hair 10x worse. And to boot, I had to go for an interview. Great first impression that made. :?

Anyways, I returned the SIF. Has anyone had good results with the B&A gel in humid weather and rain? Any recommendations to combat the frizzies? Not sure if I should try a different gel for the summer months- the B&A worked great here on the east coast last week, but no humidity. Or maybe I need a frizz serum of some sort, have no clue.
3a/3b~Currently: V05 Kiwi Lime/Tea Therapy Vanilla Mint for co wash, Suave Aloe or V05 Strawberries and Cream for co and leave-in, Burts Bees Super Shiny poo, EMBS, CK, re:coil, B&A/LA Looks Sport

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