no-poo & co-washing

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I need help someone please explain the differese to me.


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    Check out the Sticky above with the intro to no-poo/co-washing. They are pretty much the same thing, but the sticky can explain it best. Word to the wise though, the no-poo/cowash routine is really only effective to those that have clarified/shampooed first and will only continue to work if you remove all products that contain silicone/cyclopentasiloxanes and sometimes even proteins. These "cones-xanes" are very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove with the no-poo/cowashing.
    I cannot stress enough the need to clarify before you start this. If you use silicones, I think shampooing with a sulphate shampoo before starting probably would work best. But if you don't use silicones then an apple cider vinegar/water rinse (ACV) or a baking soda scrub may be for you instead.
    Also, this method is really subjective to each person that uses it. You should try it like in the sticky first, but if it doesn't work for you like that feel free to ask questions or change the routine to your own benefit.
    I personally also have found that using an organic natural codish to scalp scrub really helped my scalp heal. I also personally use a non-sulphate cleanser once a month before I DT. It helps my hair soak in the DT better.
    Good Luck HTH!!!
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