japanese hair straightening stories

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Hey all,

I think I am ready to try the new fad "japanese hair straightening" I wanted to know from anyone who has had it done, what are you feeling now that it is done? Happy, disappointed, thrilled? And if any of you are new yorkers where would you recommend having it done? Any comments at all are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. emilie


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    I remember my stylist and I talking about this. It is his view that it starts out beautifully on the first treatment, but that the maintenance (repeat treatments) ruins your hair in the long run.
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    I have personal experience of this, I had Bio-Ionics done 3 years ago. My sister and her biracial daughter had it done, and they both looked incredible, soft, shiny, natural looking. So I went for it.

    The stylist used a plastic cap on my head, using heat to help the product work. The plastic cap slipped back slightly, which caused the product to touch my scalp. THE PRODUCT MUST NOT EVER TOUCH SCALP!!!!! If you have this done, please remember this. If it does, it gets too warm from the heat of your scalp, and you will get 90 degree bends in the top of your hairs, which will ALL break off. This is what happened to me. All the hair on top had bends, and over the months after the treatment they all broke, and I had little one inch hairs sticking up all over. The front of my hair had all come off in the final rinse after the treatment, (she didnt tell me, but I got home and could feel stubble there....)

    I won't lie about the results. My hair that had survived was awesome. It looked like a Japanese ladies hair, and I really loved it. It stayed straight and shiny for 2 years. The trouble was, I had to cope with 3 different hair styles. I had the straight hair, which responded beautifully to straight hair products, the half broken off hair, which needed split end prevention etc, and the new growth, which hated the straigty products. Its been a nightmare episode in my life, I ended up having African braids done, to hide the regrowth, which pulled so much hair out of my head, I lost half my hair in this escapade.

    Since the damage, my new growth is more crinkly than before. I used to have some really silky bits, now I have none. I'm convinced my follicles have been damaged beyond repair.

    I don't think this happens to everyone, but your stylist needs to be highly trained, more than the usual 2 week course they need to get the license to use this stuff. There is an expert on the subject called Steve Tcherkezian, he is based in Canada, and is very consciencious. He won't do the treatment on extreme curls, simply because the regrowth will show too quickly and will be too hard to disguise. he advises on the message board at, his advice helped me no end when I had my disaster.

    I wouldn't advise anyone as curly as me to get it done, when my regrowth showed through it was awful, like a question mark a curl then a straight...

    I would also second what redceltic says. Yes, the first time my sister and neice had it done, they looked awesome, neice had another treatment, and looked like sister has had 3, and her hair has thinned terribly and she vows never to do it again. Iw ouldnt go near the stuff again either.

    So, my advice would be, think carefully, research to the nth degree, (i wish I had done), and if you do decide to go ahead, please seek out a very highly qualified stylist. Ask them questions such as "how many of your clients have suffered with bends?" and, " how many of your clients have come back for retouching?" and "how many treatments have you done, and how long and where did you take your training?"

    Good luck.

    Liz x
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    One of my co workers had it done. She is puerto rican, and her hair was wavy, not super curly. Her hair was stick straight and shiney when she had it done and she was very satisfied. But, as it grew, it looked odd, with wavy bits on top followed by super straight below. She was happy with it though, and maintained treatments every 6 months or so.
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    I kept my hair thermally straightened for about two years. To be honest, I loved it. However, after two years, my hair was horribly damaged, with split ends all along the hair shaft. After after my last attempt at straightening, the stylist messed up the job, and I started having hair break off almost at the root. That's when I finally gave up, cut my hair really short, and strarted over.

    To be fair, though, I do color treat my hair at home, and probably didn't treat it gently enough. Two chemical processes on the hair, for most, is more than the hair can take.

    Also, straightened hair does not guarantee a simplified stying process. You most likely will still have to blow dry it to create some style. I also ended up having to use a flat iron to completely smooth it out, especially when the re-growth was getting longer.

    Think really hard before you do this. Take into consideration what you are already doing to your hair. If you do go for it, treat your hair with lots of TLC.
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    THANK YOU all of you for your comments. Your advice collectively has led me to accept my curls as is and use the straightening iron now and then but NOT take a huge risk and possibly damage my hair seriously over time. Thanks a million for the realistic picture of hair straightening. emilie