in Kauai - bad hair!

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Last year when we were here in Kauai, I had great hair. Didn't have to do anything with it. I didn't even use product and I woke up with great hair. Only washed it or condished it after going into the ocean.
This go around - YUCK! I wake up with a frizzy mess. And it's not curling.
I wet it down each am and let it air dry and it's ok.... but not great.
Why is this happening now? I can't remember what condish and poo I brought last year. I was wishing I had brought my low poo along. I thought that would be too much but now I'm thinking - not.
I have Robert Craig condish with me right now. It really doesn't matter all that much - it's not like I'm going anywhere fancy. But it bothers me.

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    Bummer. I don't have any suggestions since the last time I went to the Hawaiian Islands was before I found this site and found some frizz control. :oops: Wish I could be more help. Maybe you are over-conditioning? RC's conditioner is rich and it's very humid there, so maybe it doesn't need as much?

    But hey! You're in Kauai on a wonderful vacation, so have fun and enjoy! 8) I'm jealous!
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    If the hotel you're staying at has little toiletries in the bathrooms, you could use whatever conditioner they give you instead of the RC. No matter what it is it'll be less conditioning :wink: Or just rinse your hair (skip 'poo altogether) and scrub your scalp well and skip the conditioning if you can.