Why am I so indecisive about my hair?

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OK, so I'm going through some stuff with my mom's health right now, too, but I just can't make up my mind what to do with my hair. I have been going to a local stylist who does a great job straightening my hair (I know), but I think has thinned it out too much. She does well with the color, and I'm having a really good curly day today.

BUT I'm wanting to wear it curly more lately, and my mom's in Atlanta, and I made an appointment with an Atlanta stylist this week. This stylist cut my hair pretty well before (about 3 years ago), but she's 5 hours away and more expensive. The color is going to be MUCH more than I'm used to paying, and with hightlights, it will require more maintenance. I canceled my appointment with my local person for this week, and I MUST get color this week.

Pros of Atlanta: good curly stylist, good color, thickens my hair up
Cons of Atlanta: far away, expensive, won't cut bangs (which I need in winter when my hair is straighter), won't let my hair grow as long

Pros of home: close, good color, less expensive, lets my hair get really long, cuts bangs well
Cons of home: Thins hair too much, which can effect curl pattern, better at straight styles that I can't maintain in summer.

What should I do? Should I try to get in with my local person?


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    I'm not clear on what your goals for your hair are (other than the immediate color, good cut, etc) often do you go for color/cut? Every 6 weeks?

    I say go with the Atlanta stylist if it would be twice a year, otherwise the distance and cost sounds like too much hassle. So if it's more than twice a year, then I say go with the local person, and see if you can get them to ease off on the thinning.

    A nice solution would also be to go to the Atlanta person for a good summer cut, then tell your summer person to just maintain the cut (trim only) until you're ready for the straight styles again.

    All that with a grain of salt, because I don't go to hair salons or stylists, too chicken!
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    I know I was vague yesterday. (In crisis mode!) I want my hair to be longer. Right now it is 3 inches above bsl when dried curly. The problem is that my local stylist has thinned it so much that it looks like I have 3 spirals hanging down a good 4-6 inches past this big pile of curls. When straight, it looks fine. This is her salon's method of cutting, and what they are known for, so I don't think I'm going to talk her out of it.

    To maintain highlights (considering that I also have to cover gray), I will have to go in every 6 weeks. That's a lot of driving. Unfortunately, my mind was made up for me, because I can't get in to see my local person until well after a vital trip that I have to make this week, and one I need to have my hair color done for (work-related---and I haven't had color in 8 weeks so my roots are scary). So Atlanta it is. I just hope everything will turn out OK.
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    Just to give you more options in Atlanta, did you know there are a few Deva trained stylists in Atlanta?? I can get the details if you want...I made an appt with one but then had to cancel because of work...
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