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    Did you ever find a solution??
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    Did you read the threads on the General discussion area? I know that I got nice crown volume with Dust It! powder, but I am not using it so much now as I'm okay with the flatter top with my new shaped hair. But when I do want crown lift, I use octopus clips (see wowohwow's thread on flat top and mine on crown lift) that I spray with some CG hairspray while drying and use a Devafuser, and that combo gives me nice crown height. My fotki has several pics of me experimenting in March and April with ways to get crown height. My latest pics I didn't use clips or anything and have used wowohwow non-upside-down routine with Re:coil to tame frizz, which means less crown height.

    Fine hair can't take a lot of product, so how minimal have you tried going? When I go just a little overboard (and I"m fine-med), I get superduper limp and flat.
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    I've been looking for the miracle volumizer forever!! Used to get straighteners, just got a Coppola Keratin. Doesn't do much for baby fine, very thin hair. One I tried a few years ago that's very gentle is the MOP volumizer. I think it's part of their Glisten products.
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    Any luck finding a great volumizer??
    3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.

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