Brandy sued for wrongful death / Paris goes to jail (maybe)

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I was just reading this on Yahoo. I can't even image what it would feel like knowing I killed someone. I feel bad for everyone involved. I feel bad for Brandy but at the time time I feel it's her fault. From previous reports I read if I remember correctly I think it said she was talking on a cell phone.

I remember when Matthew Broderick had a car accident and killed someone. Amazingly he was only fined $175 /home/leaving?" class="Popup
I don't doubt it had something to do with him being a celebrity. Oh and if you read the last paragraph about his accident it said he never apologized.

Most of us have been in a fender bender or two but the thought that I caused someones death would be enough to land me in the looney bin.

Then I read this about Paris being sentenced to jail

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Both cases are different but they are both celebrities and in some way get treated differently. Maybe it will change and people will be held responsible for their actions even if they have money and fame. No one should be above the law.
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    I had a friend who killed two kids when she was 16. In that case, it was NOT her fault-the kids were on the road illegally on an ATV, and didn't stop at a stop sign but ran right through it... where she was driving the 40 mph speed limit in her big truck. But she had to go through a lot of counseling anyway, because it was a horrible thing, even if she'd done nothing wrong.

    I don't know the % of people who sue over a deadly accident, but the only way the insurance companies for someone who causes an accident will pay compensation beyond expenses is a lawsuit. Sometimes just a threat is enough to settle out of court, but often not.

    I think we have ALL had brain farts when driving. Whether Brandy was on the phone or not... if she was sober, not on prescription drugs which affected her driving, etc, I really feel for her. Because one of my brain farts or one of yours (general "you") could have easily caused the same kind of deadly accident.

    I have far LESS tolerance for Paris, though. Brain farts happen. But repeatedly and knowingly drinking alcohol then getting behind the wheel of a car? Absolutely inexcusable in my mind. It's a huge issue for me because of two friends whose lives were destroyed by a drunk driver, but I will not be friends with someone who thinks it's ok to drink and drive. And believe me, a LOT of people do! (And no, I'm not saying the 1 drink/hour or whatever recommendations which still make you fall below the legal limit... I'm saying drinking enough that you're at or near or over the legal limit)
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    why can't paris hire a driver :?
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    It's funny how Paris tried to claim she never knew her license was suspended, yet they found paperwork concerning her suspended license in her car. Good one, Paris!

    I'm glad they gave her this sentence, every day 'regular' people have to pay for driving on a suspended license all the time, but she got arrested and charged for DUI and THEN after they suspended her license for the DUI, she goes and drives? I'm glad she got caught and justice is being served, I'm sure she and her mother thought she'd get away with it because she's "Paris Hilton". PLEASE. Who is Paris Hilton!? SHE'S NO ONE SPECIAL!

    I just hope they don't do to Paris what they did with Michelle Rodriguez, who was supposed to serve a 60 day sentence and only did a whopping 2 hours. :roll: Paris should be there the full time and learn what it's like to be a real human being who pays the consequences for her mistakes.

    As far as Brandy, that whole case is so unfortunate...there's not much that I sau about it just seems like such a terrible accident. :(
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    CurlyGina2 wrote:
    why can't paris hire a driver :?

    Or just call a cab? Surely she can afford cab fare.
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    I feel bad for Brandy, everyone makes mistakes, I know I have on occassion. I knew someone who's father killed an entire family. He was a good man, in his 70's who would't hesitate to give a stranger the shirt off his back, a preacher at a church, driving on a very dangerous road that claimed a number of lives. It was thought he might have been on a cell phone so the outrage was big. It was later discovered that he had a stroke, but not in time. His name was released, friends and families of the victim for a time was allowed entry to his hospital room (the accidently nearly killed him too). He had to be put on suicide watch, I know they charged him with manslaughter but I lost contact and never heard anything about it again. I was quite in a situation myself, seeing him so tore up, but at the same time, I had other friends who knew the victims who refused to see that it was just an accident.