Define 'don't touch until dry'-from newbie

I am new to this whole CG stuff. I am ordering the book and some product from the Mart, but I could not wait to start. I have 3a I guess. I have not used poo in 3 days and I am sorta in love with what is happening. I have not had to be somewhere before 9am yet so the whole no blow dryer (with a plate sized diffuser-so I was not a total goof before CG) thing may blow up in my face on Sunday. I just can not go out with the wet look.

So far my routine has become daily cowashing with VO5 passion fruit smoothie because I work out and my head sweats so badly that I have to wear a sweatband. I actually start by rubbing my scalp with just water to get the sweat dissolved. I tried leaving some condish in today. Then I am mixing about 1/2 Sauve M&H condish and Aussie Tizz No Frizz gel n my palm and raking it through. Then I plop for about 20 mins while I get dressed and stuff.

Ok, so my question is when I take off the t-shirt I am plopping with I am putting a headband in and pulling bangs out with a chopstick (hey, it works). The headband gets my hair to dry not so much around my face. My question is, is this too much touching? I swing my hair occasionally before it is dry, is that bad? Yes, I know I could experiment, but if someone has already figured this out, I do not have to reinvent the wheel, ya know?

This is going to sound even stupider, but my hair looks great as soon as it is dry and I crunch out the stiffness but as the day progresses it gets softer and softer and very fuzzy around my head, if that makes sense. It loses definition. It is very soft to the touch, but very unkept. Is this defined as frizz???? Ya'd think I know this since I am over 40 and battled this stuff for years.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate all the time that you guys put into this site. I am one happy woman who has 2 teenage curlies that are scare to death of me making them join me on my CG quest. (they hate their curls-I am working on that)


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    First off, I have a teenage curly too and I told him JUST THIS MORNING that one day he will just give in and go natural. ;) I cringe everytime he runs a brush through his hair.

    I really think what "too much touching" is depends on your hair and how you like it. I can touch my hair when it's about 85% dry and it doesn't really frizz. Some people can't touch it until it's completely dry.

    I know what you mean about losing definition as the day goes on. The best advice I can give you is to find a product with better hold or not scrunch out all the crunch. I usually leave some of the "crunch" in and it helps to keep my curls from frizzing out later in the day.
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    I will touch my hair while it's drying to get it out of my face, to rearrange curls around my face/part, etc, but I am always very gentle and treat them delicately to not disturb the curls too much or cause enough friction to create frizz. I won't rub them, toss them around roughly, dig my fingers into them, rake them, etc. I kinda freak out in my head when I am on the a packed subway car and people shove into the train and they rub against my hair as they try to squeeze into the train. :lol:

    I guess the "don't touch until they are dry" means don't be too rough or toss them around too much. Because let's face it, touching them once in a while is inevitable.
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    Sounds like you are doing great. I usually wait until the top layer is crunchy with gel and I can scrunch it gently. Also, though, remember that you are very early in the CG routine. My hair went through all sorts of weird permutations in the first couple of weeks - soft and frizzy, droopy and lank, super-curly - before it settled down. So don't worry too much about how it is now. The gals here told me three weeks is the make or break period, and I found that to be right. Just hang in there, enjoy the changes, and let us know how it's going!
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