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I've always found it intersting how the front and back of my hair will do totally different things simultaneously but lately it's really gotten interesting.
I have some nice new spiral/botticelli curls but on one side, two of them become one halfway down. I'll have a sice curl with an interesting almost straight piece in the middle. and some pieces that curl in one section and wave in the next. Top, bottom, middle... it varies. It's not damaged ends or any thing. Actually it looks pretty nifty but it's so interesting when you really pay attention to all the different things going on in my hair. LOL
And of course, it never happens the same exact way twice. ;)
Certainly couldn't call it boring!

So I'm just curious, who else has an interesting combo of a gazillion textures at once? :)
I get the feeling it's a fairly common thing with other 2b-c/3a mixes especially.
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    yess!!!! my hair is exactly like that!!! its 3b in the front, but only in the front right hand side. then i have a strip of 3b hair in the back and the rest is 2a-2c and there are some parts that that are just straight strips
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    Oh man, that description is so totally my hair!
    When I think about how best to style my hair this is my number one challenge because I have so many textures that react very differently to the same thing. I not only have a combination of hair types but I also have a combination of textures. My hair overall is 3a but it definitely can have some wavy and 3b qualities to it too. What is more interesting than that is that I've come to realize my hair is both fine medium and coarse. The underlayer of hair is as fine as it gets, I mean it's so silky that it only spirals if I absolutely do not touch it and apply no styling products or else the curl slips out and it becomes stick straight. Then some of my hair just sucks up all moisture and can handle tons and tons of conditioner and styling products and really never gets weighed down. Then some of my hair seems to be normal, not overly fine or coarse. If I stare at individual hairs they vary greatly in diameter. The hair that feels wiry is very wide, while the silky hair is thin.
    My hair also will never look the same twice. I mean NEVER. I concur that it is anything but boring to have hair like this. I really like my hair but it always keeps me on my toes. :D It's good to be in the company of others who can relate.
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    I was just thinking about this today! Today I had smoothed and scrunched in some pm the conditioner and nothing else, then more to refresh, and this made the top layer intertwine in great ringletty curls...and pieces of the bottom separate in little stringy bits. :roll: Of course it all can't like the same thing.

    Also, all the pieces don't always act the same! Of course, I may not be thinking quite clearly about it, since I've been blowing my hair straight for the past couple of weeks. :oops: (Guano, but one of my friends asked me if I had curled my hair when I let it go natural again!)
    OMG, LOOK!!

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    Yeah my hair is like this. SO annoying trying to figure out what it wants!! I'm mostly 2B but sometimes I'll get a 3A curl and then RIGHT NEXT to that curl it'll be stick straight. And I mean straight!! Even a curling iron wouldn't curl it!! :evil:
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    Trying to find a routine my hair likes!
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    I have the same thing, underneath its nearly 3b, then i have some 3a in the middle layer and on top there is 3a and 2c. Plus, a (very) few pieces that have been highlighted are nearly straight. But the new shorter layers I had put in last week have made my hair a lot curlier, i still have all of those types, but now the are more 3a's and b's then there were before. I'm actually going to post pix tonight. All these types on one head are cool but make it really difficult to style! ~~jax
    2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.