Gas is $3.60 a gallon here now, how about you?

vivasmomvivasmom Posts: 312Registered Users
In L.A. gas is 3.60 a gallon for 87 octane self serve. How much is it where you are?
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  • gemidevigemidevi Posts: 510Registered Users
    I just paid $3.09 for Regular. This is in Albuquerque, NM.
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  • FieryCurlsFieryCurls Posts: 2,904Registered Users
    I just paid 2.81 yesterday in sucks!!

  • MeghuneyMeghuney Posts: 4,263Registered Users
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I thought our prices were bad!! I'm paying anywhere from $2.60 - $2.89 a gallon.
  • BefrizzledBefrizzled Posts: 3,854Registered Users
    I was just out, and prices are around $3.03-$3.09, but there's still a place where I can get it for around $2.96.
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  • StarrwithoutniteStarrwithoutnite Posts: 1,732Registered Users
    Bay area its about 3.40 (Im inland though, near Vallejo)
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  • MarMar Posts: 3,003Registered Users
    But it depends where you go-in the suburbs it is over $3.00
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  • geminigemini Posts: 3,325Registered Users
    About $3 where I am. But my car takes premium, so add on another 20 cents. My car only has a 13 gallon tank. My last fill up was $40.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Yesterday I paid $2.73 a gallon and didn't realize it was a bargain!

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  • MizKerriMizKerri Posts: 1,701Registered Users
    Around $2.75-$2.80/gal.
    Location: Southern NH

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  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users
    It's 2.89 in my area, but over the River in NJ, it's about 30 cents less. I try to fill up over there whenever I can. They even pump it for you in NJ.
  • SCGSCG Posts: 5,416Registered Users
    Holy cow.

    I just checked online - it's 2.85 here, but I could've sworn that just a few days ago, it was 2.73... :shock:


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  • sariroosariroo Posts: 1,958Registered Users
    We are at $2.98 - $3.09. I'm sure it will just get worse.
  • JoyForeverJoyForever Posts: 1,628Registered Users
    3.02 in Toledo, Ohio.

    It's been in the 2.80s, but it just jumped the other day, of course. And my car is now low on gas. Of course.
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  • pinksugarpinksugar Posts: 2,346Registered Users
    My truck takes the middle grade, $3.48 - $3.60 right now (depending on which gas station I'm near). It cost $49.00 to almost fill up my tank the other day.

    My husbands car takes premium. I haven't even paid attention to that price. I just know it's too much!
  • gekko422gekko422 Posts: 4,869Registered Users
    Bay area its about 3.40 (Im inland though, near Vallejo)

    I am in the South Bay and my cheapie station is 3.25, it's alot more on the Peninsula.
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  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Posts: 821Registered Users
    Here in Amarillo, TX it is $3.09, highest in the State, that's something to be really proud of. huh?
  • fraufrau Posts: 6,130Registered Users
    2.85 - 2.89 atlanta metro
  • PartyHairPartyHair Posts: 7,713Registered Users
    $2.60-something? Maybe? I only get gas once a month, and by then it's layin' on E, so I just pay whatever it costs. :lol:

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  • RednaturalcurlsRednaturalcurls Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    It's anywhere between $2.89 to over $3.00 around here depending on the station's location. Closer to the interstate is always higher. Shell gas stations always seem to be higher too. I just put gas in a couple days ago and it was $2.95. My Explorer was costing $60 to $65 a week to fill up and that was before gas started really climbing so we just traded in for an Escape Hybrid. Now it is only running me about $35 to fill up and I can drive a whole lot longer before needing to refill.
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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    $2.89, so not bad. I can get away with filling up twice a month under normal circumstances (thank you Pontiac Grand Am) so I can't somplain.

    It's also about half of what I paid when I was living in Europe, so I really can't complain when I know what our Euro curlies are paying.
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  • MonaMona Posts: 49Registered Users
    Between 2.50 and 2.80 a gallon the past two weeks here in N. GA. Although, it's been leaning more towards 2.80 lately. I can't complain- $3+ a gallon would make me go bankrupt!
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