help me choose an eye cream

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so far, beauty without cruelty's nourishing eye gel and burt's bees royal jelly eye creme with aloe vera are the only one's i'm considering. any recs? i'm 22 and i don't have bags or circles under my eyes, but ive heard its a good idea to use an eye cream.

thanks in advance :)

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    I have dark circles.I use a concealer but i really wanted an eye cream also.
    I visited the MUA web site and the reviews for a good eye cream.They all swear by Yves Rocher eye self defense.It seems to really get rid of the dark circles and bags and those little wrinkles.
    I just ordered it.It's not expensive at all.
    Hope this help.
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    I tried the Burts Bees royal jelly a year ago and I found my skin could not breathe with it thus had a lot of puffiness in the am. Derma E makes good ones (I think that is the name). I saw that Aveda has a tourmaline eye cream, $$$$. I picked up a small travel of Aveda sensitive skin moisturizer and have been using that with good success on my eye area. Good luck :)
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