Good thing it's dark when I walk....

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I usually take off my plopping towel right before I walk out the door to walk to work in warm weather and just walk with wet hair the 15 min it takes to get there. Today however, when I took my dogs out for their morning wake-up wee, I noticed it was really chilly. I tried looking for a hat that would hold all my BSL hair to no avail. So I thought WTF I am just going to keep the t-shirt on while I walk. My rational was that it's dark (4:30am) and the only person that sees me this early is my friend that walks with me. She wears head wraps/scarves too sometimes in the morning when she is due for a relaxer. So off I went. Now for the record, I plop like a turban...not with the twists on the side. So it just looked like I had a towel on my head. But wouldn't you know one of my neighbors was walking down the street behind me and caught up to say g'morning... :shock: . This almost never happens. Then when I got to my friend's apt. she looked at my head and says..."Couldn't find a hat huh?". :lol: I told her I had a wet head and no I couldn't find a hat....she laughed again and of course we passed like 5 more people on the way both of us giggling at each person's reaction. :lol: :lol:
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    I have my plopping towel on when I walk up the driveway for the paper in the morning. The driveway is very long and is shared with our neighbor, who is often out with her dog when I'm getting the paper. I wonder what she thinks of my turban! She's never mentioned it!