Hubby loves curls

I was pleased with this comment so I had to share. A co-worker of mine gets her hair chemically straightened (the Japanese straightener). Her current person is out on some type of medical leave and she is due for her touch up so she asked if I would check with my stylist about getting it done so I sent my stylist an email. When I got her response with the prices, hubby and I were chatting about it being pretty pricey to have done. I was explaining to him that I would never have it done because it is so expensive and it is not really permanent. It all depends on how fast your hair grows to how soon you have to touch it up. So he tells me I better never have it done and not because of the price but because the one time I blow dried my hair straight awhile back, he absolutely hated it. It didn't look like me at all and he really can't stand it straight. My curly hair is so sexy, leave it alone. I only left it straight for a few days back then and then went back to curly (I didn't really care for it straight either). I knew he wasn't totally in love with it but I didn't realize how much he didn't like it. So no worries about ever needing to straighten it for him :D I wouldn't straighten for me either. I just don't like it. Yeah curls!
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    My DH says the same thing. I used to use the big barrel iron to make really big 70's Charlene Tilton (AKA Lucy from Dallas) hair and he used to give me this "Awww are you not going to wear it natural ever again???
    Now that I have found this site I don't think I will ever straighten again. I am even considering giving my flat iron to my teenage 2a niece. Since she is in that phase right now...I think I might just do it this weekend. Thanks Rednatural...just the shove I needed to seal the CG deal :lol:
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    My wonderful Hubby loves my hair curly as well. He is very patient though because he put up with years of me having to get it stick straight and just smiled and said whatever makes you happy. Years later when I finally decided to stop fighting my curls he was like I loooooove it curly. :D
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    My BF loves my hair curly as well. I don't know though... those Japanese straighteners sure are tempting though... :oops:
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    My DH is the same. He really likes it curly and longer. I said something the other day about getting it cut off because it was driving me crazy and he said, "NO! It looks so good." I said it just always looks like a mess and he said it wasn't messy, it was just curly and why did I want boring straight hair? Gotta love 'em! :D
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    My DH is the same way, he says I am not his heavengirl with straight hair, his heavengirl has curls. He also left town for a few days, and left me a note that said, "Have a great hair week!" Ahh I got a keeper for sure.
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    My DH adores my curls too, even to the extent that when its a gigantic brushed out frizzball, he finds it adorable!! And he loves my out of bed hair, all big and mad like a cave girl! Yes, he is mad...LOL!!! :lol:

    As for Japanese straightening, I had this done, and wouldn't ever recommend it for anyone with true curls. Aside from the fact that I took so much damage due to the incompetence of the stylist (yes, I had stubble at my forehead!) the regrowth is just too obvious. My fringe looked like question marks as it grew out!! I mean, it looked amazing, really, (well, the bits she didnt burn off at any rate) but managing the regrowth was traumatic. And, by the time it got to 5 inches of regrowth, I had to manage 2 hair types, buy products for 2 hair types, style to account for 2 types, and so on. Not good on the nerves!

    Since going back to curly, DH has complimented me almost every day, and will never try for straight again, its just not worth it.
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    My husband loves curly hair as well. I kidded about dragging him to the curly get-together in Houston this weekend and he said he'd better not go or I might have a hard time getting him to leave around so many curly-haired women :lol:!
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    My BF loves my curls and the wilder, the better. I don't like the way my hair looks straightened -- too Nightly News-ish -- so I'm glad.
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    I guess my hubby loves 'em too. Pretty often I'll catch him looking my way & he'll just say "pretty hair". But then it could be the reddish tone he's talking about. :lol:

    Even our son loves curls. He's always said his dream girl has curls. Well, his long distance long time girlfriend has such!

    What's also cool is she recently got her stylist license! I've been trying to get her to be a member here, but maybe I haven't been pushing hard enough. :wink: