Loose powder or liquid for problem skin?

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My skin has cleared a lot in recent months (thanks to using no prods to prevent breakouts and stopped drinking coffee) but not completely. Currently I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin loose powder and it looks fairly natural and helps even out my pretty uneven skin. Besides the break outs, esp. the week before menstraution, my skin is combination so it can be both dry and too oily in areas. I'm pretty happy with using loose powder, but it's hard to achieve that flawless look that liquid foundations offer. But with my skin, could I even achieve that look in the first place using a liquid foundation? Because when someone has pimples and is wearing a liquid foundation it can look pretty bad--obviously make up covered bumps on the skin. Does it depend on what kind and how you apply it, or the state of your skin?


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    under the conditions you describe, i would use foundation or concealer only in those areas that need it.

    concealer might be easier to use to cover blemishes.
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