Does anyone have hair like mine???

Brand new here. So glad I found this site.

I have what I call 1/2 straight, 1/2 curly hair. The outer layers have great spiral culrs, but the layer unerneath is pin straight. I always have a couple of inches of straight hair in the back. They are cut to the same lenght, but the straight looks longer. My hairdresser think I should perm it. I'm scared it wouldn't match up. What do you think?

Anyone else have this problem?



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    From your description of your hair, mine is curlier than yours, but I have some pieces underneath that are stick straight. My stylist usually just cuts those pieces shorter to match the length of the curls. I don't have any advice on the perm because I have never had one done. Hope I was of some help!
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    My hair is similar, but I don't/wouldn't perm the underlayer. I would just get the straighter hair cut a little shorter.
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    I've got the same kind of thing going on, only my hair is curly corkscrews in front, wavy ringlets in back and straight underneath. I get my hair cut dry by a Devachan trained stlyist, so they cut the straight parts so that it blends with the rest of my hair when it's dry.

    You can also try using a curl enhancer on the under layer, like [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink], and scrunch it in.
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    My hair is exactly the same. I have nice waves on the top layers, but on the underneath (nape of neck) the hair is pin straight. This layer definitely does not match the rest of my hair and does always look "longer".

    Right now I am dealing with this problem area with a curling iron, but even then this part of my hair is resistant to holding a curl. I have contemplated perming just this "bad" spot too.

    Would love to know if anyone has tried this too (perming just the underneath)!
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    I really wish I had a Devachan around here. Can anyone recommend a good curly hair stylisy in the Boston Area?
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    If you go here /home/leaving?" class="Popup and click on "Find a Salon" you can look up Devachan trained stylists in your general area. Make sure you change the miles to search, because when I searched Boston with the 2 mile option I didn't get any hits.
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    My hair is straighter underneath too, but has a little bit of wave. I just use some products in it and use the pixicurl method to diffuse it dry. It seems to help spring it up a little. I don't know if this method will work if your hair is "stick straight" underneath, but it might be worth a try.

    I agree that cutting the underneath layer shorter will probably help too. Good luck to you!
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    I've found that the more I "work" on the straight area, the more curly it becomes. I use a little extra gel and then really scrunch. As it's drying, I add a little water to my hands and scrunch some more. It really does help coax it into curling. Little by little it has gotten curlier.
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    :?: What kind of products/routine are you using? Maybe your straightish areas just need a little love to let the curl/wave out! Have you tried the CG (Curly Girl) method or read Lorraine Massey's book? Lots of us have found that our hair texture was enhanced when we began a CG regimine. GL!!
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    I have the same problem, I have a section at the back of my head that loves to go straighter if I allow it to. I just had a new cut done which chopped it quite a bit shorter but it has helped and the hairdresser did a better job of carefully placing layers.
    I normally wash with sulphates twice a week, yesterday however, I decided to just rinse and condition, (I leave in all of my condish) sfter airdrying this time, that part of my hair was even straighter. So I think it was too weighed down.
    So I now know sulphates are needed all the time for my hair, but to get it curlier I have found that if I scunch it every so often while it's drying helps. I dont diffuse because I also found that if my hair dries to quickly it looses it's pattern. Another thing I have thought of trying is damping that bit down and braiding it before I pineapple the rest at night.
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  • badonahuebadonahue Posts: 3Registered Users
    So much great advice! I think I should start with the right cut. I love my hairdresser. I've been with her for 12 years. She's fabulous, but not trained for curly hair. This site had made me consider changing. OMG, I feel like a cheater!!
    Thanks again.
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    spacegirl wrote:
    If you go here /home/leaving?" class="Popup and click on "Find a Salon" you can look up Devachan trained stylists in your general area. Make sure you change the miles to search, because when I searched Boston with the 2 mile option I didn't get any hits.

    Thank you that link - I have been trying to find the site that lists salons with Deva trained stylists!!!
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