Protein free conditioner?

CurlyNatsCurlyNats Registered Users Posts: 37
Hey UK curlies,

Just wondered if anyone knew of a protein free conditioner available over here? I haven't been able to find one.... :(

Fotki PW:curly


  • AlexaAlexa Registered Users Posts: 208
    My hair can't stand protein! I don't have too much problem finding protein free condish, are you CG? if so Bumble & Bumble is very nice or Boots Coconut & Almond oil.

    I'm not CG anymore so I don't mind a few of the 'nicer' cones, I really like the Elvive conditioners or Andrew Collinge Moisture infusing.

    It is difficult to find a DT that is protein free though, I am currently using Elvive Anti breakage repair masque (in the yellow tub) which my hair loves.

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  • CurlyNatsCurlyNats Registered Users Posts: 37
    Hey Alexa,

    Thank you so much or this :D

    I am CG. I will definitely check those out. Had a look on the Bumble and Bumble website and their conditioners look gooood! x
    Fotki PW:curly

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