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hi, ive been checking this site daily for nearly a year and have just created a profile to "give something back" since its been my lifeline thru this process.

so, im 11 months into my transition and have not done the bc. i have about 6in of very thick 3c curls and maybe 5 of relaxed hair. my process has worked pretty well, maybe it will help someone else. here goes: i wash every 4-7 days with a moisturizing shampoo, then section it and add moisturizing conditioner (i use quite a bit) to the section. then, i use a wide tooth comb (maybe its actually a pick?) to detangle this section. once detangled, i add more conditioner over it (sometimes ill add some honey into my hands on the second conditioning). after ive done this to my whole head, i clip it up, put a plastic cap on and continue with the shower. when finished, i comb thru it once more, then rinse. lately, ive gotten concerned with build-up, so ive added a vinegar rinse between shampoo & cond. I let it sit on for a min or so and kinda massage it in. i really like the herbal essences moisturizing cond (forget the name) in the blue bottle & it smells great.

next, i do the section thing again, add a leave in & some biosilk serum then detangle the section with a large paddlebrush. *ok, i know some of you are anti cone, but its worked for me* then i pull it all back in a ponytail/bun and let it kinda dry out for a few hours. next, i blowdry by section with a slotted brush and then flatiron- again, by section. i think the biosilk is helping protect my hair form the heat a bit, but it does leave incredible buildup & some pretty gross stuff on my flatiron- which is just a cheap conair from walmart.

this has really worked for me so far. i think the biggest thing is going crazy with the conditioner. i really have developed an obsession with it. but ive also learned the importance of clarifying. i do have breakage, but its all on the relaxed ends. oh, for deep conditioning, this is great: take some of this h.e. cond into a bowl, add some olive oil & honey, stir it up and put it into your hair by section, then cover it up with a plastic cap. you can either sit under the dryer, leave it on for a few hours or sleep on it. i SWEAR my hair has never been so soft.

so, i hope this helps someone out there...
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