Why did she straighten my hair?

MaloryMalory Registered Users Posts: 379 Curl Neophyte
I went to the salon to get my hair colour touched up. I was planning to let it air dry, but at the end, when it was sopping wet, I was feelng really cold, and I didn't want to go outside with wet hair, so I agreed to let the stylist give me "a quick blast with the blowdryer".

Now, I can blowdry my hair for a short time and it will be straighter, but it won't be straight. The stylist, however, pulled my hair straight as she was drying it, so now I have straight hair. It looks noticeably different from when I walked in (other than the colour, I mean.)

It doesn't look bad now, but the thing is, I didn't ask to have it straightened. If I walked in with wavy hair, why did the stylist think that I didn't want to walk out with wavy hair.


  • keikokkeikok Banned Users Posts: 585
    maybe they were afriad your hair would get curlier and frizzer in the humid weather
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    That stinks! I think salons kinda equate 'blow dry' with 'blow out.'
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    idk she probably either didnt know how to blow dry curl hair right and thought this was easier, or thought that thats what you wanted..t stinks but thats why when i go i have to be SUPER specific on what i want, lol
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    That stinks! I think salons kinda equate 'blow dry' with 'blow out.'

    I agree. Especially for wavies. :P
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    I HATE it when a haircutter asks if I want my hair blown out straight! I usually say no thanks, I like to have my hair air-dry, or at the very most, a light diffusing. Usually they ask that to see if I'd like "something different". Well, in this case I don't, as it took up until my late 20's to accept my naturally curly hair and not straighten it by either chemicals or blow-drying, and I intend to keep my curls. I don't even own a blow dryer, for any reason.
    Fortunately I'm with a good cutter now for curly hair, so I don't get that question anymore.
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