Hey ya'all, I just wanted to reinforce that we have to be proud of who we are and our today I say, on this beautiful sunny one at that,....WEAR IT LOUD, AND WEAR IT PROUD. I know I am. We are curly and we are proud!!!!!
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    Thanks for the confidence boost, RedHeadCurly. I sure needed it today. It's a bit more humid today and I'm having one of those "gosh my hair is so big and poofy so I'll just pull it back once again kind of days" :oops: .
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    We had a humid but windy day today and I wore my hair down and BIG I resisted the urge to put it up and just let it go wild!!!!
    Believe it or not I got lots of compliments on it LOL
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    I wish it was sunny in Maine! The weather has been poopy this weekend. :( I'm definitely workin' it though!! ;)
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